EVE Online Shopping List is a web app that helps you keep track of items you want to buy from the market and make it easy to share your shopping lists with your alt and corp mates.

  • Rebuilt on codeigniter and jquery
  • UTF-8 support
  • Improved item search functionality
  • Easier to make a list public
  • Easier to create a new list
  • You can now rename a list
  • Easier to share a list using drag n' drop
  • Lists pagination
  • Information bar
  • Connect your characters
  • You have the option to register all of your characters under one (eve-sl) account.
  • You have the option to connect more characters/(eve) accounts on the currently registered one.
  • New interface
  • Ability for a shared lists to be fulfilled from the one that had be shared to.

Still to come:

  • Better support for items prices (eve-central.com, eve-marketdata.com)
  • Option to multiply the items of a list (for those cases were you are buying fits for your corps)
  • Option to export your list
  • The ability to (automatically) search for lowest price in your region or from n jumps from your current location(in-game only
  • Import/export from EFT/PYFA
  • Still waiting for CCP to make "HTTP_EVE_CORPROLE" available to be able to implement Sticky lists.

What are Sticky lists? Stiky list are those lists that will be made available by your fitting manager for everyone in your corporation.